Kid Fit is a program with functional fitness and movement for kids of all athletic abilities.  It is designed for ages 10-17.  The classes are designed to improve their specific fitness needs, improve their movement patterns and help them avoid injury.  We encourage the athlete to eat well and provide free nutritional assistance.  This program is meant to be fun and nurture a life long desire for fitness and overall wellness.  

Coming Soon!  A new approach to fitness for Corporations................ 

Corporate Wellness


​QuickFit delivers 30 minutes of high intensity cardio, light weights and bodyweight movements, without intimidating barbells or complicated movements.  Everyone is welcome and NO you do not need to be in shape to start!  You will get a great sweat, burn calories and have a fun experience.  Suitable for all ability levels.  Designed to burn fat, tone muscles and get you moving in a group class setting.


This is a group workout.  A class only takes an hour and usually involves a warm-up,  a skill or strength, and a metabolic conditioning  component.  If you are new to CrossFit don't worry!  This methodology is infinitely scalable, so you do not need to be in shape to start.  New athletes will be introduced to the foundational movements first.  Your workouts will be scaled (in reps, weight and time) to your ability and fitness level.   As your movement and fitness improve, we slowly increase these, gradually working up to the prescribed workouts​​.   As an experienced CrossFitter you will fit right in


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