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We are super excited to announce The Nutrition Round Table at CrossFit 25404! This is an open group discussion on any nutrition item that you want to learn more about and available to anyone interested at no cost. We will cover nutrition for everyone: non-athletes, athletes, kids, adults, everyone. Some things we have already been asked and are topics we will cover are: meal prep ideas, how can I eat with my busy work schedule, what to eat, recipes, snack ideas, what if I work 12 hour shift and don’t get many breaks and how much should I eat. We will hold monthly food work shops at the box that cover major components. You will get live demonstrations on things like food prep for the week, cooking ideas, snack ideas, how to make a “fuel box” to keep on hand, etc. This is a great opportunity to get together to share experiences, learn new techniques or ways to prep and enjoy delicious and nutritious food with great people! Our goal is to create a healthier community and stronger, healthier generation of kids. We are rolling this out in November in hope that everyone will consider nutrition as we head into Thanksgiving and Christmas, maintain or improve their current weight and BF%, and be farther ahead when they tackle things in the New Year. Nutrition is the one thing that will improve our body composition and overall health yet it seems to be the hardest thing for us to change. Together we can do this and improve the health and lives of those in our community.

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